Nguyen Van Non

Non, Nguyen Van

Senior Digital Engineer - Solution Architect
  • CompanyLong Son Petrochemicals
  • Birthday12 March, 1996
  • LocationVung Tau City, Vietnam

About Me

Hello, I'm Non, a fullstack developer with a passion for creating innovative solutions. With a strong background in programming, I specialize in creating helpful and user-friendly applications. My 6-year journey in the world of technology has equipped me with a diverse skill set that spans from back-end development to front-end design.

My motto is: "I am an IT Engineer and I always see me as a newbie"

My commitment to myself is continuous improvement. Every day, I embark on a journey of learning, and exploring new technologies, and new industry trends. This dedication to staying updated ensures that I bring the latest and most effective solutions to every project.

I have experience with


SAP - Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

Hexagon EAM

Hexagon - Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Microsoft Techonologies

ASP .Net Webform, .Net Winform, Windows Service, Windows Server 2008 - 2016

Database Management

Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Anywhere, PostgreSQL, MySQL


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